Founded in 1989,  Spirits of the Earth® is a spiritual adventure travel company, touching the lives of hundreds of individuals while guiding them on spiritual journeys to Machu Picchu, Peru. Other destinations include Brazil, Mexico and Sedona.

Vera Lopez has been traveling exclusively to Peru since 1989. She personally creates, designs, hosts, and guides each trip. Aided by her seasoned, hand-picked native staff, which includes Shamans and guides, you will be held in the best of hands throughout your journey.

With Vera’s expertise, you will be part of a trip that has been carefully planned and mapped out.

Spirits of the Earth® prides itself on highly personalized, sacred journeys created to provide you with a spiritual pilgrimage to some of the most sacred sites on earth.We have a feeling in our hearts that sometimes we all would prefer to just be part of a more specific group or type of trip. For that reason we have carefully created a variety of trips and trust you will find one that fits your unique preference. If not, let us know so we can create your dream trip. Keep in mind that the main ingredients in all our journeys are the spiritual aspect of the local area we are visiting and the raising of consciousness.

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[quote]A truly unforgettable journey! Everything about this journey is permanently embedded in my mind forever, from our sisterhood of goddesses from around the world, the Peruvian people, the faces of everyone in the village we sponsored, our ceremonies, the amazing scenery at every turn and, of course, Machu Picchu itself takes your breath away. Every woman must experience this! Thank you for making this incredible trip come true for me.

Yvette, Canada



[quote]It’s been an awakening in many ways. It’s opened my heart tremendously. And I feel very elated and appreciative to have been in this group.

JP, United States



[quote]It’s been really amazing. The energy is just so beautiful and it was really touching to my heart. It brought out many emotions that I never felt before, even in places like Egypt or Singapore. It is a very profound experience and brought a lot of tears to me, especially when I stepped into Machu Picchu.

Ken, Singapore



[quote]Vera’s deep wisdom of Peru and its rich spiritual essence made this a journey of a lifetime. It was such a powerful, profound experience. So to any of you who have always wanted to experience a spiritually transforming trip to Peru, I say go with Spirits of the Earth.

Pam, Chicago, IL



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