The Path to Your Enlightened Self


When you come before a mirror, the mirror does not believe in you, but the mirror reflects you perfectly as you are.

The mirror has no attitude about you, good or bad, beautiful or ugly – no, no attitude.

The mirror does not argue. It simply reflects.

Bring your hidden powers out into the light! Navigating Your House of Mirrors® is a way to explore your inner landscape and discover the gold hidden in the repressed and denied parts of yourselves.
As infants we expressed the full breadth of our human nature, no editing, no censoring. As we grew up, we learned that certain ways of being were not acceptable by the people/schools/society around us. Perhaps we were shamed by expressing our emotions or punished by getting upset. Maybe we were put down because of our need for attention. Our ego assigned meaning to everything we experienced, so when emotionally charged events occurred, we made them mean something about ourselves. We then created beliefs such as… there is something wrong with me, I am not good enough, I am unlovable and many others.
We learned to repress these ways of being into a hidden place, like a dark cave, so no one can see them, including our self. This ways of being can be “positive” or “negative,” Carl G Jung called them “shadows.” Shadows are all those parts of us we split off, repressed or denied; all the parts of ourselves we are afraid to show. However, these parts silently guide all our decisions and actions attracting people and situations into our lives that are in alignment with our beliefs. We also project these parts of ourselves everywhere, life is like a house of mirrors, our outer world reflecting our inner beliefs.
Navigating Your House of Mirrors® is a process that will take you from awareness to owning and embracing all parts of your self and find the lessons and wisdom in each experience.
The Path to Your Englighted Self is a journey from limitations of the past to a life free from shame, guilt and fear. A path to consciously create new beliefs and reclaim your self-worth and dreams. 
This retreat is specifically designed to bring about permanent changes in the quality of your life. These changes are the direct cause for a new and unique kind of freedom and power. The freedom to be your authenitic self, no matter what the circumstance. The power to be in action effectively in all areas of your life. During these 3 days, you will make peace with all your human emotions. Accept, embrace and heal your past self limiting feelings and emotions, such as grief, sadness and anger. Own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of your hearts desires;  love and intimacy, success and happiness, health and abundance. You will learn to unconditionally love who you are and are meant to Be.

Are you ready to live a life filled with peace, joy, happiness? One filled with success and loving relationships? A healthy, vibrant you?
Then this evolutionary process is for you.

Location: Sedona, AZ
Date: TBA
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“The process lead by Vera allowed me to stop viewing life through the lens of a victim and to take responsibility for everything I create. The safety and depth allowed me to opened up to parts of me I did not know exist but was creating a life I dislike to live. Today I feel whole, happy and in charge of my life. I recommend this process to everyone ready to step deeper into their soul.” —E Miguel, Reiki Master

“This process will change your life in ways you can’t imagine possible.” —Nina Ventura, RN