June 2012 Featured Friend: Annette McCoy

About Annette

Annette McCoy is a 58 year wise, woman who has worn many hats during this time which have enabled her to become the person she is, and embraces today.

She is  a gypsy, networker and educator with the privilege of traversing this magical globe, spreading goodwill and magic whilst also linking and uniting people. Annette’s specialities include bringing joy, fun, laughter, all the while highlighting  people who make such  a difference to lives all around the world.

Since October 2010 Annette has presented a 3 hour weekly internet radio program, Angel Link – The Voice Of Humanity ® on Angel Heart Radio ®.


Annette is a mother of 3 gorgeous adult sons and was happily married to their father Barry, until his graduation to Spirit in 2000.

A primary school teacher for 30 years; a yoga practitioner of 40 years experience and a channel for healing having studied Reiki and Sekhem, Annette considers herself to BE a Mary Poppins, roaming the globe making a positive difference.

Annette has been most fortunate to have trekked in Nepal, walked the Camino across northern Spain, spent 7 weeks on safari in Africa which included a skydive, micro flight and dune buggy driving, swum with dolphins and turtles in Hawaii and whales in Tonga, been up close and personal with seals and penguins in Antarctica as well as to Peru with Vera Lopez. WOW!!!!!!!

Personal Journey

Barry’s passing opened the door to Annette’s spiritual awareness for which she is eternally grateful.

Leaving primary teaching in 2002 Annette set out to extend her learning and to teach others through workshops……..a goal which is coming to fruition in BIG ways at this time in her life. All in Divine timing rather than OUR timing, as Annette lives and shares.

The journey has been amazing and it will continue to BE so.

Annette travels extensively exchanging energy with people the world over, delighting in Being wherever she happens to BE.

A weekly global classroom via her radio program excites Annette and she is  about to embark on regular workshops and retreats which offer self nurturing, discovery and celebration of the JOYS of our lives. Does staying on a remote island and swimming with humpback whales excite YOU? Find out the details on www.relaxandplayretreats.com


There are several avenues to make contact with Annette, which are as follows:

EMAIL:  amccoy04@optusnet.com.au

SKYPE:  annettemccoy31

PHONE: 61 3 9336 4601 (home)

PHONE: 61 437 102 984 (mobile)

WEBSITE for retreats: www.relaxandplayretreats.com

WEBSITE for radio network: www.angelheartradio.com