February 2012 Featured Friend: Evita Ochel

About Evita

Evita Ochel B.Sc., B.Ed., CHN –  is a writer, speaker and editor of two online publications, as well as the author of the newly released book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition.

She is the founder of EvolvingBeings.com – an online monthly magazine to awaken and inspire people to expand their consciousness and connect with a heart-centered way of life.

She is also the editor of EvolvingWellness.com – an online publication featuring numerous resources to help people attain optimal health and wellness, through a natural, holistic and green approach.

Her education and experience includes being a biologist, science educator, consciousness expansion and spiritual teacher, certified holistic nutritionist, researcher, consultant, web TV host and public speaker.


After a transformational spiritual awakening which began in 2006, Evita moved beyond the typical drama, pain and misery that most experience on this planet, and attained a deep state of inner peace and happiness. Deeply called to help others awaken out of their own mental, emotional and physical suffering, Evita embarked on a path of service helping people worldwide awaken to find true happiness, peace, optimal health and meaning in their lives.

To date, Evita lives with the understanding that we are spiritual beings, having a physical experience and her approach to all she does is to honor and nurture all parts of our multidimensional being—mind, body, and spirit. Her personal life and professional work emphasize the intricate connection between each of those parts with an alignment to the heart. She also believes in, and lives by the balanced holistic approach to life, as she knows of the strong connection between emotional, spiritual and physical health.

Her work as a nutritional expert focuses on natural, wholesome, plant-based, acid-alkaline balanced, raw and organic nutrition which is known to be of most benefit to the human body to achieve optimal health, longevity and inner peace. Her work as a spiritual teacher focuses on consciousness expansion, mindful living, awareness, metaphysics, coherence, love and compassion. She is therefore also known as a New Earth Living guide as she helps people transition from the old world model based on fear, violence and separation, into the new world model based on love, peace and oneness.

Personal Journey

In 2009, Evita resigned from a 7 year formal career as a high school science teacher to pursue writing, teaching and speaking on a global level, and be able to reach and help a wider audience of people in our world. As her personal awakening and journey continued to evolve, Evita developed a strong love for and connection with nature, which resulted in leaving behind the city life for a simpler way of life, that would also allow her to nurture her mind, body and spirit further. She currently lives with her husband in a beautiful, secluded part of Ontario, amidst forests, lakes and natural splendor. She strongly values the philosophy of living by being the change you wish to see, and thus all aspects of her lifestyle encompass a compassionate, humane and sustainable way of life.

In 2011, Evita had the pleasure of meeting Vera Lopez and hearing her speak at the annual Grail Lady Faire festival at the Grail Springs in Ontario, Canada. Vera’s attention to providing high quality, professional experiences was eminent from the start, as was her passion and experience in ancient rites, traditions and spiritual topics. Evita felt a resonance to Vera’s wise and loving energy, and later that year took the opportunity to experience a spiritual journey to Peru led by Vera with Spirits of the Earth, which was deeply meaningful for her personal life journey.


Evita’s work continues to reach people worldwide, helping to raise global consciousness and foster personal awakening.

To get more information, or to get in touch with Evita, please visit: EvitaOchel.com