Vera Lopez has been participating with the Andean people in ceremony for the last 22 years. They have adopted her as part of their families. Every year she returnes to the Andes Mountains bringing back the cosmic family, the children of the sun, that are ready to remember who they are and be in ceremony with the wisdomkeepers.

For those who cannot make their way to the Andes Mountains, she brings the powers and wisdom of the mountains and their caretakers to them, by sharing with them Rites of Passage she has received over these years directly from the Apus (mountain spirits) and from the masters and wisdomkeepers of this ancient land.

[quote]The Altomisayoqs form an ancient lineage of spiritual intermediaries who have stewarded humanity’s animistic consciousness, celestial integration and multi-dimensional reality since time immemorial. In 1532, at the onset of the Spanish conquest and Inquisition, these masters of the living energy retreated to remote, high-altitude locations to safeguard their practical and esoteric wisdom based on love, gratitude, heart-centered intelligence and ayni, living in right relationship and unconditional reciprocity.

By enduring the difficulties of extended isolation and secrecy for the past 480 years, the Altmisayoqs lineage has been able to maintain its sacred lifeways while keeping its holistic cosmology intact. Currently there are less than a dozen practitioners  remaining as a result of natural die-off, modern disruption and a lack of interest from present-day youth willing to undertake the rigors of this highly devotional path. But now, as foreseen by the ancestors, the Apus have begun initiating western-born practitioners to facilitate the passing of their sacred wisdom to the western world during this pachakuti, time of overturning.

Jeffrey Wium –


[quote]For millennia, long before the conquest arrived from distant shores, we have been waiting, anticipating this day of renewal when the hearts and mind of our northern siblings would be ready to accept their divine birthright and walk once again knowing humanity’s collective future.  We are, all of us, a people born of the stars and destined to return to the sacred lifeways of Pachamama, Mother Earth.  It is we, through the intelligence of our common heart who will restore Communion and remember the UniversalPresence within.                                  



These Rites are transmitted energetically, like an attunement that open up the gates for healing and total transformation.

Each Rite holds a vibration that will activate your Wiracocha—luminous egg and energy field—clear your past, and align your soul with your highest potential.

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