Dedicated to the Self Empowerment and Divine Connection

Vera Lopez is a native of Brazil and International
Transformational Teacher and Coach. She began studying
spirituality at the age of 18 in Brazil.
For 14 years she studied and worked with Luiz Gasparetto, a well known Psychologist -Metaphysical Teacher and Spiritual Psychic Artist, in his spiritual and metaphysical center in Brazil. There she realized her natural ability to channel and started to direct it as aguidance tool while working as a spiritual counsellor.

Spiritual Group Leader and Facilitator & Shamanic

In 1989 she founded Spirits of the Earth®, a spiritual adventure
travel company touching the lives of hundreds of individuals
while guiding them on spiritual journeys to sacred sites. Initiated
in the Inca Tradition many times by different elders in Peru,
including the Q’eros, Vera is a shaman in her own right.

Speaker & Presenter

Vera leads international classes and retreats on many topics such
as divine feminine awakening, priestess-hood, Peruvian shamanism,
metaphysics, healing, heart/mind connection, brain gym, traditional
Japanese Reiki and shadow work.

Integrative Coach

Vera studied with Debbie Ford and graduated with the Ford
Institute as an Integrative Coach.

See Vera’s Interview on Lilou Mace TV

See Vera’s Interview on Lilou Mace TV